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This profound and eminently practical book is pure genius when it comes to money and consciousness. It is not only a superb guide to the release of our money sickness but gives us transformative skills that lead us towards clarity and abundance while enlightening our mind and spirit.

Jean Houston, Ph.D.Author, A Passion for the Possible

We can have a new economic era now — where sustainable values and the genius of human consciousness outperform fear and greed. Conscious Money imagines it, presents the evidence for it and creates a blueprint for achieving it. Nothing could be a more significant contribution to our personal and global healing.

Marianne WilliamsonAuthor, Return to Love

Fundamentally, our inner relationship with our money—how we feel about our prosperity and the paths we’ve chosen to reach it—is one of the truest definitions of fulfillment and security. Patricia Aburdene’s insightful, delightful work carefully and accessibly explores these truths and provides pioneering counsel on reaching our goals. Reading her book is a deeply satisfying and enriching experience.

Jack CanfieldAuthor, The Success Principles, The Golden Motorcycle Gang, co-creator The Chicken Soup for the Soul

Conscious Money does for individuals what Conscious Capitalism did for corporations: it articulates a simple, brilliant framework for achieving sustainable financial results, while espousing the highest ideals. Read it, get inspired, and prosper.

John MackeyCo-CEO and Co-founder, Whole Foods Market

Perfect timing. In an era when most of us question “economics as usual,”  Conscious Money charts a personalized strategy for embracing human values as the cornerstone of sustainable finance. This is a rare and winning blend of inspiration, information, and wisdom. Bravo Patricia Aburdene.

Amy DominiFounder and CEO, Domini Social Investments

Anything Patricia Aburdene writes is of immediate interest to me. In Conscious Money, she shows us why we should reject conventional economic wisdom (greed is good) and grow prosperity by recognizing values like trust and integrity as our greatest financial assets. Passionate and persuasive. Read it to make a difference, find fulfillment, and grow “conscious” wealth.

Stephen M.R. Coveybestselling author of The Speed of Trust and Smart Trust

Conscious Money translates the profitable business model of Conscious Capitalism into a blueprint for personal finance. Read it, change the way you see and engage with the world of business, and personally prosper by honoring your values.

Kip TindellChairman and CEO, The Container Store