August Reflections

August 1st marks the midpoint between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox, the season the ancient Celts celebrated as Lammas. Now, in the second half of summer, the daylight hours grow visibly shorter. At this point in the cycle, the flower folds into itself to create the fruit. Similarly our Being, energized in recent weeks, by new people, places, and ideas, is increasingly conscious of the year’s vision and purpose. This cycle of fruition is highly transformative. At Solstice, we experienced life pure and simple. At Harvest, we’ll industriously collect and share the year’s wisdom and sustenance. In between the action, take tine time to reflect.

SunFlowersDo you feel a clearer sense of the year’s purpose and meaning?

Did the new people, places, and ideas of Solstice change you? How?

Is there a new creative project simmering, incubating, on the back burner?

Lammas ushers in what some call High Summer, a rich and ripe season. Gardens overflow with nourishing vegetables. Late summer flowers-sunflowers or dahlias – seem sturdier and more vivid in color. Although it won’t be Harvest for some time, there’s a subtle shift toward greater purposefulness.

Conscious Money and Conscious Capitalism

The Apple story in the last newsletter struck a cord with some of you. Bill Vogelgesang, Managing Director at Cleveland’s Candlewood Partners, wrote to say:

“I would add to the list of Apple demands that they build products on all the continents in which they sell products and take the effort to think about cradle to grave product design-like universal power cords and supporting products through their useful life.” He continues …

wormyapple“I have moved away from my Apple PDA products even thought I believe them superior to my android phone and tablet. I’ll come back when they show more responsibility for the lifecycle of their products and the economic health of their customers and employees, not just their bottom line and stock price.”

Lisa Hamaker of Kaliday Consulting put it this way: “I watched the [Green America] video and I am so sad … Another thing is that my Mac and iPhone use lots of unnecessary electricity. Maybe newer ones are better. I shared the video.”

Lisa Hamaker’s thoughtful, informative blog posted a nice review my book Conscious Money. You’ll find it here.

Now, for me, it’s back to packing for vacation in France. I’ve enjoyed summer so far. But something is stirring within. May it blossom into autumn creativity!



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