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The Conscious Business Blueprint

Looking for fresh inspiration on Conscious Business? Join me and 23 other experts in Leadership, Sustainability and Consciousness, people like Raj Sisodia, Richard Barrett, Jeffrey Hollender, and Joel Makower, on the FREE online interview series entitled “The Conscious Business Blueprint.”

Reflections – April/May 2015

Is April the “cruelest” month? Maybe it’s that early spring brings unsettling change. When the winter cold meets the coming warmth of summer, chaos rules—at least until steady May arrives. Meanwhile, the Earth is waking up and so are we!

October Reflections

At Fall Equinox, when the hours of day and night are in perfect balance, we celebrate Autumn Harvest. The air is crisp; trees blaze in gold and burnt sienna. Orchards, Farmer’s Markets, and backyard gardens overflow with fresh wholesome produce. Spiritually speaking, Harvest marks the pinnacle of the annual cycle. It’s time to collect the […]

August Reflections

August 1st marks the midpoint between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox, the season the ancient Celts celebrated as Lammas. Now, in the second half of summer, the daylight hours grow visibly shorter. At this point in the cycle, the flower folds into itself to create the fruit. Similarly our Being, energized in recent weeks, by […]