Join Me in Santa Fe at Wisdom for Modern Workplaces

Hope you are having a glorious summer. I’ll get a newsletter out to later this season. Meanwhile, I have an autumnal invitation for you: I’m attending and speaking at an outstanding gathering of people in Santa Fe October 3 and 4 and would love to see you there!

But I don’t want you to pay full price for this delicious opportunity! So please use this promotion code: Aburdene250 (case sensitive) and the first 10 of you who sign up will receive a 50% discount. So don’t delay. Take a look at all the details below and register!

You couldn’t pick a better time to visit Santa Fe: warm days and cool nights. And you couldn’t pick a better event: immerse yourself in the Wisdom in the Workplace gathering.

I can’t wait to see you there.


Wisdom for Modern Workplaces©
Santa Fe, New Mexico   |   October 3rd & 4th, 2017

Spend Two Days with Patricia Aburdene In Person

Patricia AburdenePatricia Will Present:

* What is a Megatrend?

* What is Conscious Capitalism?

* What is the Competitive Advantage of Conscious Capitalism?

* How expanding human consciousness creates Conscious Capitalism.

Learn More About the Conference

Come one day before the conference (October 2nd) and attend the workshop
ELEPHANT IN THE OFFICE.  A $495 value for $195. A day with Graham Williams is worth way more than that.

The fee increases July 15


*It is good when more than one person from a company can attend educational events. But that means more money. We have a solution! Each person that has a full registration can invite a friend to attend with a 50% discount. For the promo code they use your last name. That’s our way for giving credit to you for extending the invitation. When the person clicks submit it will show the full price but when they receive an invoice it will show ½ that.  REGISTER NOW!

For complete WISDOM FOR MODERN WORKPLACES information visit:

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The Conscious Business Blueprint

Hi Everyone,

Looking for fresh inspiration on Conscious Business?

Join me and 23 other experts in Leadership, Sustainability and Consciousness, people like Raj Sisodia, Richard Barrett, Jeffrey Hollender, and Joel Makower, on the FREE online interview series entitled “The Conscious Business Blueprint.” My interview is live Wednesday April 27. Join now to watch the whole series, which will re-play in its entirety after the final interview. To register, go to

Sign up and you’ll receive a daily interview link.

Position yourself and your business in front of the Conscious Business Megatrend!

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January Reflections

Happy New Year!

Although the world “rang in the new” early January first, the year’s true, natural shift occurred in December at Winter Solstice. On the shortest day of the year, the Light is reborn-and so are we! In the Sacred Darkness of Solstice, a symbolic seed germinates deep within us. It represents our vision, initially veiled to us, for the coming year. We may have a felt sense about 2014, or hold clear intentions for the year ahead. But our future will unfold organically, just as it does in Nature. Like a farmer, we can identify which crops to plant, but we cannot command the rainfall, humidity, or other factors that will influence the harvest.manchester-winter


A well-known spiritual motto states: We can’t control what happens to us, only how we respond to it (which is often hard enough!). That said, we can and should voice our desires for the New Year, envisioning exactly what we want. Just remember that the visionary results we’ll harvest next autumn will also be shaped by the wisdom with which we meet the unexpected challenges we often encounter. Such is the interactive play of Co-creation.


Thank you Cleveland! When a city’s business, sustainability, and spiritual communities unite to explore Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Money, is it any wonder magic flows? As every speaker knows, after you obsess over your slides and notes, success depends entirely on the audience. Cleveland’s conscious community created one of the most fulfilling, enjoyable events of my professional life. Thanks again Bill Vogelgesang, Dave Nash and Sister Rita Petruziello.


My next adventure in Conscious Capitalism is Friday February 28, 2014 in Boulder, CO. Please join me at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business, where I’ll keynote the annual gathering on Conscious Capitalism. There is no charge to attend, but you must register online.  See you there!


Every January Fortune magazine comes out with its new list of “The 100 Best Companies To Work For,” a priceless resource for Conscious Capitalists, Conscious investors, Conscious Money fans, and job seekers! Find it at your newsstand or online (, yahoo finance, etc.). In December 2013, Glassdoor put out its own list of 50 great places to work (as well as a second list of 50 additional great medium sized workplaces). While Fortune focuses on more established firms and Glassdoor tends to spotlight social media and tech upstarts, both are celebrated for their objectivity because each is based on employee rankings. It’s fun to compare the two. Personally, I’d seriously consider investing in ANY (publicly traded) Fortune “100 Best Company” that’s also recommended by investment advisors. Not so most of the Glassdoor firms, which are a bit too volatile for a 50+ investor. But if I were in my 20s or 30s, I’d want a job at a Glassdoor firm-and the stock options I might receive there could cultivate a nice nest egg of Conscious Wealth.


November Reflections

In November, the daylight fades. Falling leaves disintegrate; the darkness calls. Summer’s pleasures are gone-but the renewal of spring is months away. We can’t resist the natural cycle. So instead, the earth’s energies invite us to surrender. It’s time to let go, time to begin making peace with the year, its blessings and achievements as well as its trials and disappointments.

What is November encouraging you to surrender? Perhaps it is a hope you nourished through 2013, one that sadly, has not come to be. Or did you intend to embrace a positive new habit: to take a daily walk, do a 20-minute meditation, or play a musical instrument? Now here you are: the year’s coming to an end, and your new initiative never really got started.

Or maybe this was your year to shine? Everything seemed to go your way. You enjoyed exciting new levels of health, wealth, or happiness. Do you hope next year will bring even more? Or you are guided to surrender even the year’s joys and successes along with its sorrows?

Just as we collect the dry leaves, withered summer flowers, and the remnants of a good autumn harvest to cultivate a fertile mix for future growth, the dreams and sorrows that we willingly choose to surrender in November will enrich and nourish our vision for the New Year.

November ushers in the final phase of the Celtic calendar. Now and into December, we address the business of surrender and acceptance in order to fully welcome the fresh new cycle that begins at Winter Solstice and then joyous holidays-Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa-that lead to New Year’s. It’s time to be still and prepare for renewal.


Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Money

My article on Conscious Money in the November/December online issue of
Green Money Journal speaks to investors and financial professionals. It’s the sort of story you could share with a stockbroker or financial planner to show them how YOU think and feel about your money, that is, you want your money choices to reflect higher consciousness and human values! Read now on

Last month I shared my AMA (as in Management, not Medical) story on Conscious Capitalism. But what if you’re an individual? Can Conscious Capitalism work for you? The answer, as I argue in Conscious Money, is, “Yes!” Provided you know how identify a conscious company. Think of a firm where you might want to work, shop, or invest. Does it:

  • Embrace and personify a purpose beyond money making?
  • Practice transcendent human values?
  • Treat its people fairly and well?
  • Honor the environment as a crucial stakeholder?
  • Satisfy and delight customers?
  • Give back to the communities in which it operates?
  • Generate sustainable shareholder value?

If the company lives up to these standards, it is probably a Conscious Capitalist.

November Happenings

Early this month, I head to Cleveland, Ohio’s River’s Edge Retreat Center for a public event November 8th for Cleveland’s business and general communities. I’ve so looked forward to meeting Sister Rita and my friends at Candlewood Partners! In the morning, I speak on Conscious Capitalism. The afternoon is dedicated to Conscious Money. For more details, check out: Come join us!

After this exciting gathering, I’ll take the advice I offered earlier and start winding down. My friend Carolyn Long comes to visit and Thanksgiving follows soon. Then there’ll be travel homeward, friends’ birthdays, lights on the tree, and the holiday music I’ve come to love.

Enjoy the quiet before the festivities begin! Sending love your way,

— Patricia


Healthy Money Summit – Make the Shift to Shared Prosperity

Do you want to know the secrets to increasing your personal prosperity – while also creating abundance for your family, your community and the world?

If you’re like most people, there’s at least one area of your relationship with your finances where you feel challenged.

The good news is… money can also be a source of authentic empowerment and a tool for growth and connection. You can transform your unhealthy patterns around finances with positive, effective and sustainable practices.

Of course, that’s the whole message of Conscious Money–and exactly why I wrote it!

I’m honored to be among 35+ of the world’s leading experts in the fields of finance, economics, psychology and spirituality who will be featured in the no-cost Healthy Money Summit. We will share with you practical insights, tools and techniques to empower true financial abundance – both individually and collectively.

Other experts include Geneen Roth, Vicki Robin, Gay Hendricks, Riane Eisler, Marcia Wieder, Barbara Stanny, Hazel Henderson, Deborah Price and many others!

You can sign up for free here.

HealthyMoneySummitIf you want to overcome those financial roadblocks that just never seem to go away, so that you can enjoy life and fulfill your mission…

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If you want to spread your money in meaningful ways that support your deepest values and passions…

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When you join the Healthy Money Summit, you’ll have 6 days of inspiring live sessions with powerful speakers focused on helping you experience the joy and fulfillment of creating a healthy relationship with money allowing you to live the life you desire, while serving the world in a positive way.

Register for the Healthy Money Summit now, and take the first step!

Warmest wishes,

PS – This year’s series is going to be even more transformative than the last. I look forward to connecting with you during the Healthy Money Summit!

Reserve your spot here.

October Reflections

In the golden month of October, as we celebrate the Harvest, we might also ask ourselves, “What do I want to harvest from within myself this autumn? Which seeds, planted in spring and nurtured through summer, have grown into nuggets of wisdom that can I collect now and integrate into my being?” This was for me a year full of blessings, a few setbacks, and my old impossible companion, Mr. Stress. Sound familiar?

So how do we reap the insights hidden in our all too human experiences? One lesson for me was this: despite worry, upset, and a few sleepless nights, here I am happier than ever. Next time, will I remember: “This too shall pass”? Or perhaps realize it’s time to learn A New Way of Being?

Maybe I have begun. For the first time in years, I took it easy this summer. As ease and re-creation started healing my stress situation, I dared to experiment with the spiritual Art of Allowing, as in, “You don’t have to make it happen, Patricia. You can just let it happen.” [Thank you, Crimson Circle, Geoff and Linda for April 2013’s “Quantum Allowing” event in Hawaii!] Would Allowing work for me? Who knew? But I was so fed up with my tiresome, ancient “conditioning” that I was ready to try anything–even Allowing! To practice Allowing, I observed, accepted, and finally attempted to let go old, yet familiar mindsets and patterns that “reward” overwork as some wacko badge of honor, one that interrupted my sleep, Well Being, happiness-and success.

In July and August, I gave “Allowing” a try and thank heaven I did.

As summer mellowed into September, my garden of Allowing blossomed with its first luscious fruits: exciting opportunities that came to me unbidden and exceeded any I’d might have “tried to make happen” during the beautiful summer I gave myself. Heck, I could get used to this.fallflatirons


Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Money

Meanwhile, my new article on Conscious Capitalism appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of the Journal of the American Management Association, entitled MWorld. This publication is available to AMA members. But MWorld has graciously invited me to share it with my newsletter subscribers. VIEW ARTICLE
Next month, a new Conscious Money article appears at Stay tuned!


Conscious Money Online! I’ll soon record a first-ever multi-session Conscious Money webinar with Crimson Circle’s Awakening Zone Academy. I’ll keep you posted.

Radiance coach and Conscious Money fan Camden Hoch and I will engage in a “Conversation About Healing Money Wounds.” I hope you can join us. Details will follow. Meanwhile, check out Camden’s website

My dear friend Corinne McLaughlin (and colleague in the Ohana Conscious Investing Circle) invited me to join November’s Healthy Money Summit, sponsored by The Shift Network, today’s leading transformational online community. I’ll soon tell you exactly how to get involved.

Next month, I head to Cleveland, Ohio’s fantastic River’s Edge Retreat Center for a public event on both Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Money on November 8th For details,  see the website.

Conscious Money: Three Simple Concepts

conscious-money-coverThe energy is really building for the launch of Conscious Money: Living, Creating, and Investing with Your Values for a Sustainable New Prosperity on September 25th. The industry bible Publisher’s Weekly noted the book’s “wealth of strategies,” calling it, “an engaging and practical read on the leading edge of sustainable wealth consciousness.”

Read the review >>

The principles of Conscious Money are simple: 1) Start within: know yourself and your values; 2) Learn to identify good financial partners: pick companies whose values match yours; and 3) Apply this knowledge and wisdom as you earn, spend, invest, and contribute your Conscious Money.

Read More About Conscious Money >>


Join me for a conversation and book signing September 27 in New York City with The Intuitive Investor author Jason Apollo Voss sponsored by The Academi of Life!

New York City Launch Event! >>


Conscious Money supports you to grow a sustainable foundation for conscious wealth, change the world by living your values, and discover the peace and fulfillment of a positive money life.

Order Conscious Money

Buy from Beyond Words

What is Patricia writing now?

Happy summer to you and yours! I’m kicking off this lovely season with a new tradition: in addition to my various musings, I’ll post occasional selections from my works in progress. Here’s an excerpt from Money and Meaning (I hope it will be published in 2011), taken from the chapter on Values-based Leadership. I look forward to your comments. Most of all, despite the often-daunting headlines, remember this: You have permission to en-JOY the beauty of summer. How else will you recharge your Being (to say nothing of your batteries) for any challenging times later on?

A New Moral Contract?

So here’s a question: How good are leaders at “engaging” people?

Sad to say, not very: Only one employee in five is “fully engaged,” reports Towers Perrin, a global consultant that frequently surveys on employee engagement. Worse, the majority of employees (who range from “so-so” to disenchanted to disengaged) actually “undermine” the efforts of their enthusiastic colleagues.

Top leaders get mediocre marks — at best — from their people in such surveys:

  • Only 38 percent think top leaders care about employee well being.
  • More than half say they “treat us like just another part of the organization to be managed” or (worse) “as if we don’t matter.”
  • Just one in four agree top leaders communicate openly and honestly.

Despite leadership’s dubious “report card”, employees are “eager” to “invest” themselves, insists Towers Perrin. But first they have a question:

What’s in it for me?

If I genuinely care about my work, will leaders care about me? We’re not talking lifelong employment here. Gen X and Gen Y could not care less about the benevolent, if paternalistic, social contract their grandparents may have enjoyed. They’re after a new deal at work — one that may prove even more demanding:

They want a moral contract.

Before investing their time, energy, dedication, caring and “willingness to go the extra mile,” they have a few questions. Here is my take on some of them.

Money and Meaning Employee Engagement Checklist

q      Will this company respect me?

q      Will I be proud to work here – or will the company’s actions embarrass me?

q      Do the company’s actions, policies and strategy live up its code of ethics?

q      Will it act with Authenticity? Justice? Trust?

q      Do its products/services make the world a better place?

q      Can I grow my gifts and skills here?

q      Will I serve humanity at this company?

q      Can I fulfill my life dreams and goals at this workplace?


So, here’s a final question:

How would your company fare against these new moral criteria?

March 2010: Spirit in Biz. What’s the Motive?

Me again? Yes. I’m going for shorter, more frequent newsletters. It’s Twitteresque.

Back in Boulder (I bypassed Boston and the storm) after an exciting Miami speech for Florida Atlantic University’s Program in the Study of Spirituality — and a great audience: equally passionate about business and Spirit.

Early on, however, a sincere, if traditional gentleman, blew the whistle on our little love fest with a concern I’ve gotten before but heard with fresh ears. I’d just told the story of HP inkjet honcho Greg Merten, who added hundreds of millions to HP’s bottom line through the spiritual value of Trust (See Megatrends 2010, pp 1-2).

“I’m all for spirituality, the man said, “but not in business. What’s the motive? If it’s to make more money,” he added, “that’s not spirituality; it’s materialism!”

I honor your viewpoint, I said, but I don’t see it that way. I’d hate to shut down corporate meditation because it makes people innovative and companies profitable!

When the man continued to raise well-meant objections, the audience engaged frankly with him, some suggesting he had a “Money is Bad” bias. All in all, we had a  very lively discussion. Two hours flew by. I met new friends and went off to dinner with my old friend Astrologer Barbara Hamilton and her daughter Sarah.

But on the plane home, I recalled that Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True, the premier producer of spiritual audio programs (which starts meetings with a moment of silence and has a meditation room), chided me for connecting Spirit and profit. “I have no idea if what we do [spiritually] makes us money or loses us money,” she said with passion. “We do it because it has intrinsic value.”

Come to think of it, Greg Merten did not devote a full day every 4-6 weeks to team dynamics to enrich the bottom line. He did it to get better at relationships.

Can a questionable (read greedy?) motive impugn the value of Spirit in business? I still don’t think so. But today, thanks to a gentleman in Miami, I’d venture to say I now think the question is a healthy and thoughtful one.

Thanks to Lexie Potamkin and Nathan Katz for a memorable Miami adventure.

Winter 2010 Update

I’m home in the foothills outsides Boulder, CO looking into a clear sky at dawn with the still near-full “Wolf” moon glowing in tribute to Divine Feminine. Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day (Candlemas in the Celtic/Goddess traditions), so technically winter is half over. The days expand with welcome light and we are a full month into 2010.

Does the New Year feel different to you? It does to me. I’ve consciously aimed to release the not-so-happy aspects of 2009, remember the happy ones: Alain and I got engaged on my birthday in September 😉 and open to New Possibilities.

I’ve enjoyed three solid weeks here of writing, walking/hiking everyday and gearing up for the year’s more active months. Travel comes in cycles for me. This late winter and early spring I’m off to places I haven’t visited in years and years.

All warm, lovely places – and unique platforms, as you’ll see below!

You are invited to join me at Women Power and Purpose, an amazing event in San Diego March 13 and 14 featuring an all-star line up of inspiring women teachers, leaders and experts with whom I am honored to work and play. It is all put together by Harrison Klein, the impresario who created “The Masters Gathering” and subsequent product packages. Check out my page on the Women Power and Purpose website, for more info and the line up of awesome women.

In late February (see calendar for details) I’ll be in Miami speaking at Florida Atlantic University’s Program on the Study of Spirituality lecture series, thanks to my dear friend Lexie Potamkin. Hope to catch up with Barbara Hamilton and Alain’s old friends, De and Windie Fleming

I head to Kona, HI around April 21 to speak Friday the 23rd at the Kona Chamber of Commerce 5th Annual Green Business & Environment Conference. (see calendar). There I’ll catch up with Kathleen Loughery of Guidance Energy fame.

This year, in addition to the writing and speaking I love, I plan to expand in two key areas: 1) Launching one and two day workshops – customized, interactive and full of brand new trend/business material on trends as well as tools and techniques on journaling, the cycles of manifestation and a few more surprises. I’ll be drawing on proprietary exercises, coaching and my new team of SuperMentors in areas like Finance, Leadership, venture capital, social entrepreneurship and marketing and 2) Speaking of “marketing,” that’s an area where I’m determined to get smarter. Good thing. It’s not my strong suit to say the least. But SuperMentor Karen Davis is working on me. Of course the best “marketing” looks nothing like the sleazy stereotypes. It’s just plain sharing. I’ve learned that from my dear friends Geoff Hoppe and Linda Benyo of Crimson Circle (

If I can keep that in mind, the mysteries of social media, email lists, newsletter sign ups and of course blogging, may finally clear up.

In that regard, guess what? I tweet (therefore I am?). Follow me at

Yup. Having bypassed Facebook and LinkedIn, the little birdie has me in its claws. For now, I’m sending out sort of Thought of the Day on Conscious Capitalism/trends as well as “What are you doing now” tweets. But don’t worry, I’ll spare you the “Off to Starbucks. Yum” type stuff. How can people write such drivel? (I was going to use another word 😉

I would love to see you or meet you in 2010