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In Conscious Money: Living, Creating, and Investing with Your Values for A Sustainable New Prosperity (Beyond Words/Atria Books/Simon & Schuster, 2012) bestselling author Patricia Aburdene presents a comprehensive strategy to grow prosperity with integrity and make a difference by integrating personal values and personal finance. “People are disillusioned with Wall Street, big banks, and the entire financial establishment,” says Patricia. “While ‘finance as usual’ bears plenty of blame, many of us have also given away too much power to the finance establishment. In the bargain, we’ve misplaced our values and our best financial instincts.” To reclaim our power and make better choices, we must ground our money decisions in positive values, inner wisdom, and sound financial principles.

“Conscious Money begins with you. Not your wallet, savings, home, possessions, or stock portfolio, but with you,” writes Patricia in Conscious Money. “It starts with your values and your state of consciousness about money.” Your income, cash, savings, expenses, investments, and contributions become Conscious Money, she says, when you imbue them with your values and higher consciousness.Conscious Money is a simple three-part strategy:

1) Know your self and your values.
2) Learn to recognize and do businesses with companies that embrace the same values you do.
3) Translate this wisdom and knowledge into action steps as you shop, earn, invest, or contribute your Conscious Money.

Every chapter of Conscious Money features exercises, checklists, practical steps, and inspiration to help you create a personalized financial plan that aligns your values and your financial goals.

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This profound and eminently practical book is pure genius when it comes to money and consciousness. It is not only a superb guide to the release of our money sickness but gives us transformative skills that lead us towards clarity and abundance while enlightening our mind and spirit.

Jean Houston, Ph.D.Author, A Passion for the Possible

We can have a new economic era now — where sustainable values and the genius of human consciousness outperform fear and greed. Conscious Money imagines it, presents the evidence for it and creates a blueprint for achieving it. Nothing could be a more significant contribution to our personal and global healing.

Marianne WilliamsonAuthor, Return to Love

Fundamentally, our inner relationship with our money—how we feel about our prosperity and the paths we’ve chosen to reach it—is one of the truest definitions of fulfillment and security. Patricia Aburdene’s insightful, delightful work carefully and accessibly explores these truths and provides pioneering counsel on reaching our goals. Reading her book is a deeply satisfying and enriching experience.

Jack CanfieldAuthor, The Success Principles, The Golden Motorcycle Gang, co-creator The Chicken Soup for the Soul

Conscious Money does for individuals what Conscious Capitalism did for corporations: it articulates a simple, brilliant framework for achieving sustainable financial results, while espousing the highest ideals. Read it, get inspired, and prosper.

John MackeyCo-CEO and Co-founder, Whole Foods Market

Perfect timing. In an era when most of us question “economics as usual,”  Conscious Money charts a personalized strategy for embracing human values as the cornerstone of sustainable finance. This is a rare and winning blend of inspiration, information, and wisdom. Bravo Patricia Aburdene.

Amy DominiFounder and CEO, Domini Social Investments

Anything Patricia Aburdene writes is of immediate interest to me. In Conscious Money, she shows us why we should reject conventional economic wisdom (greed is good) and grow prosperity by recognizing values like trust and integrity as our greatest financial assets. Passionate and persuasive. Read it to make a difference, find fulfillment, and grow “conscious” wealth.

Stephen M.R. Coveybestselling author of The Speed of Trust and Smart Trust

Conscious Money translates the profitable business model of Conscious Capitalism into a blueprint for personal finance. Read it, change the way you see and engage with the world of business, and personally prosper by honoring your values.

Kip TindellChairman and CEO, The Container Store


Chapter by Chapter

Conscious Money is divided into three parts.

Part One. A successful Conscious Money practice starts within. In the book’s first chapter, you identify deeply held values and examine how these values shape your money choices. In chapter two, you ponder the true meaning of Abundance, confront money fears, and begin to release limiting money beliefs by observing your thoughts and feelings about money. Self-observation is the first step toward personal and financial self-mastery. In chapter three, you unveil the “money shadow,” discover the financial error of “wishful thinking,” and explore mindful practices, from Spiritual Intelligence to journaling, and martial arts, that enhance your ability to make more conscious money choices. Armed with both practical tools and expanded awareness, you are ready to enter the Conscious Marketplace.

Part Two. To limit financial risk and expand personal fulfillment, you partner with businesses whose policies are in line with your ideals. In chapter four, you see that great companies: 1) Enjoy excellent relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, investors, communities, and the Earth. 2) Embrace a higher purpose than making money. 3) Embody human values in business. Companies like Google, Southwest Airlines, Costco, Eileen Fisher, W.L. Gore & Associates, Whole Foods, and The Container Store honor all three. Studies demonstrate that these conscious traits position the great companies you’ll meet in this chapter to financially outperform their competitors.

Part Three. You now take concrete steps to grow Conscious Money as a consumer, careerist, investor, and contributor. Chapter five explores Mindful Spending, a fulfilling way to practice the values of well being, sustainability, and social justice in popular consumer sectors like Fair Trade, green cars and transportation, local food, organic-certified personal care, and earth-friendly, nontoxic cleaning.

In chapter six you discover that in a world of mind-boggling complexity, global CEOs value creativity as the top job skill, according to a new IBM study. To earn more Conscious Money, invest in cultivating your creative powers by mastering what Patricia calls “Creative R&D,” which requires reflection, a mindful practice and a way to collect and harvest your insights.

Chapter seven shows how values grow Conscious Money through sustainable, life-affirming investments rather than Wall Street’s profit-only mindset. It supports beginners to grow confidence step by step and invites the experienced to explore intuitive investing strategies. While professional advice can be highly beneficial, conscious investors NEVER give their power away to any financial advisor.

As global citizens, in chapter eight, we explore international opportunity, while welcoming the responsibility to make a difference—often locally. Whether you contribute your time, money, or love, you can experience one of the most rewarding roles in conscious finance, that of conscious giving.

By applying the wisdom of Conscious Money to personal finance, you’ll change the world by living your values, create a foundation for sustainable, conscious wealth, and discover the peace and fulfillment of a positive money life.