February Reflections 2015

th-3By February, many of us have given up on New Year’s resolutions, while others are “fed up to here” with winter. The ancient Celtic feast of Candlemas, aka Groundhog Day, has ushered in the second half of winter. Now it’s time to stop, take a deep breath, and consider launching a sort of “mid-winter reboot.”

Back at the December Solstice in the dark depth of Yuletide, something wonderful happened: the silent, invisible seed of our purpose in 2015 sprouted into Being—a revelation we cannot yet fully grasp, but will soon begin to sense.

“Happy New Year!!!” we cried those first few days of 2015, fully trusting in the promise of renewal. Today, however, we may fear our hopes for a fresh start were a bit optimistic. Or maybe not. Because what we now experience is just a natural part of the year’s cycle: a frustrating phase of relentless, disheartening resistance.

th-1And it’s happening in Nature, too. The first shoots of plant life are struggling against the cold hard earth. They have to—if they’re ever going to break out into the light and warmth of the spring sun. Sound familiar? But what exactly are we resisting? It’s probably the backward pull of our past—the old patterns that need to fall away before a new soul cycle can unfold. Meanwhile, all the parts of us that are NOT on board with this bright new future of ours are shouting, “No Way!”

So what do we “do” about this resistance? We observe and allow it. Then, we identify and choose whatever it is that our hearts most deeply and genuinely desire. Candlemas is the mid-point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. That’s something to celebrate. Record snowfalls notwithstanding, winter really is half over. Soon the man-made miracle of Daylight Saving Time will expand our days and the first signs of spring will appear, boosting our energy and steering us away from the past and toward hope and our intuitive promptings of the year’s true purpose.


Conscious Money and Conscious Capitalism

auto-trader-crimson-circle2015 certainly started off with a “bang” for me. I had a great time talking “Megatrends” early January at an AutoTrader.com gathering. It was fun presenting a Conscious Capitalism case study on Ford to an audience of auto experts. 01-15 Trust Magazine-CoverAt Crimson Circle Energy Company’s annual ProGnost event, I echoed the Megatrends theme in The Quest for Spirituality; The New Economy of Consciousness and Creativity; and Conscious Money. You can download ProGnost 2015 (for a fee), with Geoff and Linda Hoppe, Doug Davies, Jim Self and yours truly.

In late January a very special blessing came from Trust Across America (TAA). After naming me a “Top 100 Thought Leader in Trustworthy Business” for 5 years, they honored me with TAA’s “Lifetime Achievement” award. If you agree fostering more trust is one of the best things we can do, sign up for TAA’s Trust! Magazine.

So thank you Trust Across America and you dear reader for listening to my news! Next time I’ll share more articles, tools, and stories about Conscious Finance.




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