Winter 2010 Update

I’m home in the foothills outsides Boulder, CO looking into a clear sky at dawn with the still near-full “Wolf” moon glowing in tribute to Divine Feminine. Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day (Candlemas in the Celtic/Goddess traditions), so technically winter is half over. The days expand with welcome light and we are a full month into 2010.

Does the New Year feel different to you? It does to me. I’ve consciously aimed to release the not-so-happy aspects of 2009, remember the happy ones: Alain and I got engaged on my birthday in September 😉 and open to New Possibilities.

I’ve enjoyed three solid weeks here of writing, walking/hiking everyday and gearing up for the year’s more active months. Travel comes in cycles for me. This late winter and early spring I’m off to places I haven’t visited in years and years.

All warm, lovely places – and unique platforms, as you’ll see below!

You are invited to join me at Women Power and Purpose, an amazing event in San Diego March 13 and 14 featuring an all-star line up of inspiring women teachers, leaders and experts with whom I am honored to work and play. It is all put together by Harrison Klein, the impresario who created “The Masters Gathering” and subsequent product packages. Check out my page on the Women Power and Purpose website, for more info and the line up of awesome women.

In late February (see calendar for details) I’ll be in Miami speaking at Florida Atlantic University’s Program on the Study of Spirituality lecture series, thanks to my dear friend Lexie Potamkin. Hope to catch up with Barbara Hamilton and Alain’s old friends, De and Windie Fleming

I head to Kona, HI around April 21 to speak Friday the 23rd at the Kona Chamber of Commerce 5th Annual Green Business & Environment Conference. (see calendar). There I’ll catch up with Kathleen Loughery of Guidance Energy fame.

This year, in addition to the writing and speaking I love, I plan to expand in two key areas: 1) Launching one and two day workshops – customized, interactive and full of brand new trend/business material on trends as well as tools and techniques on journaling, the cycles of manifestation and a few more surprises. I’ll be drawing on proprietary exercises, coaching and my new team of SuperMentors in areas like Finance, Leadership, venture capital, social entrepreneurship and marketing and 2) Speaking of “marketing,” that’s an area where I’m determined to get smarter. Good thing. It’s not my strong suit to say the least. But SuperMentor Karen Davis is working on me. Of course the best “marketing” looks nothing like the sleazy stereotypes. It’s just plain sharing. I’ve learned that from my dear friends Geoff Hoppe and Linda Benyo of Crimson Circle (

If I can keep that in mind, the mysteries of social media, email lists, newsletter sign ups and of course blogging, may finally clear up.

In that regard, guess what? I tweet (therefore I am?). Follow me at

Yup. Having bypassed Facebook and LinkedIn, the little birdie has me in its claws. For now, I’m sending out sort of Thought of the Day on Conscious Capitalism/trends as well as “What are you doing now” tweets. But don’t worry, I’ll spare you the “Off to Starbucks. Yum” type stuff. How can people write such drivel? (I was going to use another word 😉

I would love to see you or meet you in 2010

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